Hi! I’m a Toronto-based writer / journalling enthusiast / tarot reader who hails from Brantford, Ontario, but has lived in Toronto for 10 years. Where I feel (and have always felt) most at home though, is in writing.

I’m a big fan of journalling, and generally, creativity as self-care. I write about wellness, but I’m more interested in exploring what it actually means to live well.

Self-care, I believe, is a radical act because it goes against everything so much of us have been conditioned to believe. I read tarot and journal because they always bring me back to the place of knowing that it’s me who knows what’s best for me, and it’s me who can create the conditions around me I want.

Dig? Let a girl read ya cards.

Peep what I have to say on my blog where I post about things that catch my fancy.

Thanks for stopping by.






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