I’m a writer, tarot reader, reiki practitioner who lives in Toronto. I divide my time between a writer on the internet and just a straight up soul. Like, a glittering cloud of dust. Just kidding. I am a Parkdale person who really aims to be a Parkdale character. That would be amazing. I feel like there are about 40 different people inside me at any given time. I’m just trying to give them all a voice. That’s why I write. I write a lot of different things, mostly about wellness and metaphysical practices. I think about these things all the time.

When I was 11, I wrote a time capsule for myself, in the form of an envelope stuffed with notes for my future self. I cut and pasted pictures from a magazine, (probably YM), and I managed to find an image of a tarot deck. I wrote: “I hope you get into tarot reading. I think it adds a certain kind of smartness to you.” So, I’ve always been intuitive. I’ve always known that this was a unique strength, something that set me apart from certain people, and brought me closer to others. I had a deck then, but like a lot of people, the Rider Waite-Smith imagery freaked me out. So I gave it away.

Tarot found me later, in my 20’s, when I was living in Toronto, and generally trying to stay in touch with my authentic sense of power in the city. I took a reiki attunement the same year I really got into tarot. I bought Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Oracle deck, and then later, The Herbal Healing Tarot by Michael Tierra. I used them everyday to clarify my perspective and orient myself in an understanding of my place. Paired with journalling, they grounded me into a knowing that felt truer than anything anyone else was telling me, anywhere. I still use these decks, and others, now, but it all comes back to that same purpose. It’s one I try to promote.

So, I’m a writer, a reiki practitioner, a thinking person, and someone who is fascinated by systems that help us reach beyond the surface. I think that’s where we’re our most interesting, uninhibited, creative selves. Being in that place is my favourite part of being human, and that’s why I read tarot, talk about and write about tarot, the metaphysical, and wellness practices. Anyway, thank you for reading. I tweet and post new writings all the time, so, if you want to read things I write, you can see them on Twitter or IG. If not, then that’s OK too. I still like you.

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