On Cultivating a “Fertile” State of Mind – Musings & Journal Prompts

I’ve been thinking about the concept of “fertility” lately. Partly because it’s almost spring (…wishful thinking?) and also because I’ve been pulling The Empress card for myself a bunch.

As “the archetypal Earth Mother” – a symbol of abundance, creativity, and fertility, The Empress card speaks volumes to me, as someone who does creative work for a living.

Image result for the empress

The Empress figure is anchored into the outdoors, chilling in a chair with a pillow, wearing a big-ass muumuu, while corn grows at her feet and a river flows behind her. She’s totally integrated into this outdoor scene, completely calm and at ease.

She’s obviously a very earthy figure, but is also somewhat goddess-like, with a crown of stars on her head, which shows higher connection to the divine, and a string of pearls on her neck, symbolizing the 7 chakras. She’s got dominion over the universe and the body.

As someone who is so connected, she nurtures her creations into being. Like an “an artist of life.” She’s powerful and it’s effortless.

It’s disarming.

I resist her quietly commanding ways, her ability to have had her needs met, to accept her needs, to be a human, unapologetically. I feel humbled when I look at her sitting there, looking back at me, with no expression to be read. She is.

And she leaves me to consider me, sitting here, looking at her… wanting answers.

In her quiet power, she asks that I see her as I see anyone else, in any of my relationships – as a mirror. And my resistance to seeing her humanness is my resistance to seeing my humanness. It’s as simple as that. This chill-ass lady’s stare leads me to wonder – what does “being fertile” feel like to me? Just being? Being in the constant flow of aliveness? Ready to engage with the present moment with intention?

This is not effortless for me. I am cerebral. I work hard. I try.

But I suspect that the less I try, the less I plan, the less I manipulate, the more fully-realized my creative work seems. The more fulfilling it is. The happier I am. I want to feel fertile.

Mel Robbins said: “You can’t always control what you feel, but you can always make a decisions to act.” So, if I want to feel fertile, how can I support that starting with my thoughts? My decisions? My actions?

I went on a journal tirade and wrote a bunch about this. A lot of questions came up. Here are a few of them as journal prompts:

What is fertility, to you?

What does fertility look like in your life? What shape does it take in your environment? Your work? Relationships?

What does fertility feel like?

When do you feel most creative and engaged?

What feels ready to bloom now?

What needs to be chopped away?

What do you currently deny yourself? Laughter? Time? Play?

What does it feel like to be open to receive? In conversation? In relationships?

How do you put pressure on yourself to control situations? Socially? At work? Personally?

What does it feel like to be in your power?

It’s said that “creativity thrives within structure.” What are the structures in your life currently and how do you use them to your advantage?

What is your collaboration style when it comes to working with people?

What is your relationship with your creative process like? Do you rush your creative projects, or do you give them time to become what they are?

What is your relationship to your inner child? Do you give it what it wants?

In what ways do you support dialogue and communication around you?

How can I use social media / the internet in a way that helps support, not hamper, a growth mindset?

In what ways do you protect your energy, or stay emotionally-detached, day to day? What rituals or thoughts help?

What is your relationship to change? How do you support yourself in welcoming it?

What other forms of wealth exist in your life aside from money?

How can you “think wealthy?”

What are you effortlessly grateful for?

If you liked this, read more about of my thoughts on staying steeped in a creative state / the feminine energy at work.

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