30 Journal Prompts For 2017 Goal Planning

New Years resolutions made in the spirit of “dragging ourselves toward some totally new thing or state of being” suck. They totally don’t work, and they’re just a way we try and fool ourselves into thinking we can magically one day become someone we aren’t. This isn’t helpful. It’s trickery. It’s taking the easy way out, masked in a feeling of discomfort.

What I think is a better practice for New Year goal-setting is to revisit and clarify our intentions. In all areas of our life. Because there’s no thriving that exists in a silo. Renewed clarity and focus to guide our actions for the year ahead is starting off on a much better foot, I say.

I was feeling all motivated last week so I started thinking about this. But I didn’t know exactly where to start. So I pulled a tarot card to provide some direction for my thinking in terms of what goals to set this year for each area of my life – career, finance, lifestyle, wellness, and creativity. It prompted some solid questions that lead me to think about what I want and how I might be able to make it happen this year. I thought I’d share them.

Job & Career  

Card I pulled: 10 of Cups – Harmony, alignment, comfort, partnerships built on stability and values. Questions I considered:

1. How can I work to create harmony in my work relationships? Why is this important to me?

2. How will I bring my values to work this year?

3. How can I use and hone my intuitive strengths at work?

4. How can I make sure I keep getting better at my job in a meaningful way day to day? What would be “proof” that I have been getting better?

5. Who do I impact in my role?


Card I pulled: 3 of Wands – Foresight, expansion, thinking beyond your limitations. Questions I considered:

6. How have I been “limited” in my thinking around money in the past?

7. What does it mean to be “deserving” of wealth? When will I deserve it?

8. How much money do I want to make, in the grand scheme of things? Enough to: _________________, _________________, _________________, _________________, _________________.

9. If “money is just energy” how does it feel to me right now?

10. How much money do I want to / can I realistically save this year? 

11. What new financial efforts do I need to make this year that I haven’t done made before?

12. What support systems do I need to stay on track?


Card I pulled: 6 of Pentacles – Generosity, sharing with love, giving my wealth to others. Questions I considered:

13. What abundance in my life do I have to offer now, and what are some ways I will share it this year?

14. How can my space be a place where abundance is “grown”?

15. What do I want to ultimately be able to give, in my life?

16. What physical infrastructure and support system needs to be in place in order for me to do this?

17. What existing infrastructure can I build on / what skills have I already acquired that will help in this?

18. How can I make it so my short term actions reflect my long term values?


Card I pulled: 4 of Swords – Rest before another fight, preparation, stillness, peace, rest that’s been earned. Questions I considered:

19. How can I make the most of my rest time? What does it really take to make my restful periods to “work”?

20. How can I get better at supporting myself, energy-wise, on an ongoing basis? 

21. What does vitality look like to me?

22. How can I improve my ability to be present?

23. If I were _______________, I wouldn’t even worry about _______________.


Card I pulled: The World – Feeling whole, completion, achieving dynamic balance and integrating parts, understanding my role in the greater environment. Questions I considered:

24. What do I need to do this year to contribute to my end goal / vision of an awesome creative life and career?

25. What do I hope my creativity will “do” for me? List specific opportunities, accomplishments, etc.

26. What do I want to make this year that would be valuable in the grand scheme of things?

27. How can I begin my creative projects with the end in mind?

28. What partnerships do I want and need? 

29. What partnership opportunities are around me now?

30. How can I stay accountable to my creative goals?

So, renewed clarity will only give an idea of our goals. It won’t do the work to get the job done – we have to. For that, we need accountability.  That’s why I am all up in BohoBerry’s bullet journal future planning templates. 2017 is the year I start bullet journalling. Mark. My. Words. More to come on this, for realz.

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