Jaclyn Roach on Motherhood, Preserving Memories & the Myth of Being Prepared

“You can’t just leave and go home to your bed and your Netflix series in the middle of the day when you’re the mom…”

Jaclyn Roach and I go way back. Like, elementary school way back. We were friends when Barbies were number one on my recreational radar and crossing Mount Pleasant Street was a big deal. Now, Jaclyn is an-all-grown-up boss with a full time job and a full time man, a house, and a cute AF daughter. She’s got her shit together. And I am in awe. I interviewed her about how she makes it all work, and manages to maintain her fail-proof sense of humour.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day starts off with me waking up with Blake lying either across me with my nipple in her mouth, OR with her lying beside me, my arm under her asleep and sore. We come downstairs, do some left over dishes, and I’ll put on a show for Blake. She plays with her toys and we snuggle on the couch. Then I make her breakfast and myself a tea within the first half hour or so that we’re awake. If we have somewhere to be, we move pretty quickly onto the next phase so we can get out of the house (we’re typically half an hour – give or take – late for everything).

I get myself ready, usually while Blake cries at the baby gate. Getting her ready is becoming more and more or an actual hellish task; she moves nonstop! Have you ever tried getting a diaper and onesie on a fart in a mit?!? Anywho. That about sums it up. It may sound like a 15-minute routine but I assure you, it takes hours.

What has becoming a mom taught you about yourself?

Becoming a mom has taught me that I’m a lot more capable and patient than I thought. I had only recently moved out of my moms house when Blake was born and I honestly wasn’t even sure I could survive on my own let alone be completely responsible for another life! It was an adjustment, but it came so naturally. I never saw myself “excelling” at parenting but I can honestly say I feel like I’m good at being Blake’s mom.

What has motherhood taught you about life?

It’s taught me how valuable life is. I don’t want this life to end! I have something to precious worth living for and I can’t imagine not being able to see her little face every day or watch her grow and learn. It almost gives me anxiety to the point where I fear that something unforeseen will happen to me someday and take me away from her prematurely. That’s my greatest fear! (Like, who thinks like that, I know.)

Do you think it’s possible to be “prepared” to be a mom? Did you feel prepared?

I think people try to prepare to be a mom and read the books and REALLY listen to all the BS from other moms, the do’s, the don’ts, but anyone who says they’re prepared is a liar! Sure, I had experience being an aunt and such but let me assure you – IT IS NOT THE SAME! When the kids are driving you nuts you can’t just leave and go home to your bed and your Netflix series in the middle of the day when you’re the mom.

How are you preserving your family’s memories from this time?

I wish I was doing a better job at preserving memories right now. I don’t trust technology, so something tells me fifty years from now I won’t have all the cute videos on my phone, and Facebook will probably crash too. I have an old fashioned baby book and I’ve done my best to keep up with it but I always forget and then I can’t remember things. I will keep at it though, I think it’s important to have. I used to love looking back at my baby books when I was a kid.

What are you most excited right now? 

Right now I’m excited to go back to work and get back into a normal routine. I am anxious to have Blake in daycare but realistically I can’t afford to stay home with her forever. Being at home with her has been amazing but I am ready to see my work friends again and talk to adults for the day. I’m also excited for our wedding in Mexico this April! I am really looking forward to a nice holiday in the sun with our family and friends and I think it’s really special that Blake gets to be such a huge part of our day. She will steal the show for sure (and I’m ok with it!)

To keep up with Jaclyn and Blake follow her on Instagram at @jaclynroach

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