Journal Prompts for Finding Peace

Mama’s been BUSY this past month. The kind of busy that makes you think, WTF is this going to end? How can I manage my energy better to do it all? Like, pulled in all different directions, rains-it-pours kind of busy. October grind is on full-chooch.

And so it’s lead me to think about “being at peace.” I’ve been spending down-time wondering what it is I need to do, to know, to put in place, schedule, in order to be at peace in my life. And I realized, I was thinking about inner peace as if it was a strategy. Like it was something I should be able to “come up with,” or would just be able to have fully down when I… finally get my shit together, or something.

Taking a step back from it all I know it’s not so simple.

There will always be challenges. And different challenges faced at different times will always call for different supports. Different comforts, different answers. New jobs, new schools, new relationships, break-ups, firsts – none of it can be approached with one cut and dry management plan, or even skill set.

Sometimes, we just have to ride the waves.

There are seasons. There’s supposed to be. Being at peace, I think, isn’t about finding a way to manage it, but just, understanding what life is requiring from us at the moment. And then doing it. #lifeonlifesterms

Now, at this end of the spooky month, as the temperatures switch to cold AF and my parka is calling to me from somewhere in the basement, I’d like to share 25 journal prompts for making peace with the season we’re in, starting by recapping the month of October.

1. Choose one sentence to sum up the major lesson you’ve been learning over the past month (for example, October was a challenge of / I was faced with / I discovered ______.)

2. Where did the majority of your mental energy go this month? What was working? What just wasn’t?

3. What has life been “pushing you out of” recently? List any habits, relationships, or mindsets that come to mind.

4. What forces have “pulled you in” recently? List any energies, people, relationships. What about them drew you?

5. What did you learn about your self-presentation this past month? What part of you got revealed that you liked?

6. When did you feel out of your element? Write about an experience where you were forced to push your comfort zone.

7. What did you learn about your talking and listening style?

8. How did you meet your comfort needs? List healthy and unhealthy ways.

9. What are five things you felt most truly grateful for this month.

10. What were you glad that you were able to do for yourself?

11. What were some things you wanted to do but didn’t this past month? What took precedence?

12. If your inner child were to watch a short film montage comprised of snapshots of every day of your life this past month, what message would she / he have for you?

13. What personal issue from the past came up that needed addressing?

14. What was the biggest source of stress in your life?

15. What did you feel worried would be destroyed or get “lost”? Why did you feel that way?

16. Where is there potential or excitement in your life? What feels ready to “bloom” right now?

17. What role did mentors play in your life? Did you meet any, or did you assume the role of a mentor in any situations?

18. What question did you ask yourself repeatedly?

19. What past successes supported you?

20. What made you feel strong or invincible?

21. November will be a month of:______________.

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