On Systematizing Your Journal Practice.

I love morning pages. I did them for the full 9 months, like Julia Cameron suggested in The Artist’s Way. I did find they brought me results, like a “form of active meditation,” as she calls them. After I got done with morning pages I moved onto Headspace, which I do in the mornings now, but I still write in a journal everyday. Not necessarily in the morning, and not necessarily any designated number of pages, but I do journal everyday.

Regardless of what the writing process looks like, journalling daily helps my brain feeling organized. It helps me feel more connected to myself, and less likely to lose focus in a day. Often, we don’t tend to think of journalling as having any specific structure, which is fair – it’s supposed to be messy. But I do think systematizing the things we do for personal development can be incredibly helpful. Especially for creative people.

Systematizing these activities is the difference between making them “a ritual” and … just doing it, whenever you can, and not having any particular desire for outcome. Systematizing something is about naming our practice, owning it, understanding how it works for us, and then being accountable to ourselves.

Naming a journal practice ultimately gives us more power over it. The more we focus on ours, the more we get to own our feelings and mindsets. Novelist Barbara Bretton, who was an avid journaller for more than 40 years, says:

“The more attention I paid to journaling, the sharper my eyesight grew, the more acute my hearing. The world around me suddenly became more interesting, more filled with incident and color and texture. My days seemed rich with material for my nightly journal entry, and that richness fed both my soul and my work.”

How’s that for a life-enhancing daily practice? #JournallingIsMagic.

I love bloggers like Sarah Steckler, Boho Berry, and CreateWriteNow because they share journalling systems that work, and they’re honest, personal and creative in their delivery. Their content is totally actionable and also inspiring. Check them out. They’ve got lots of free prompts and practices that will get your creative wheels spinnin.

Soon I’ll be posting about other journal systems (that aren’t morning pages) that I’ve been checking out. Stay tuned. Mama’s been on a kick.

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