Finding a Niche Vs. Trusting Your Vision

To me, one of the hardest things about calling myself a writer is answering the question “what do you write about?”

It’s a fair enough question, when you tell someone you’re a writer it’s a logical next inquiry to ask you what you write about.

But I don’t have a firm, neat “niche.” No matter how I searched for one, nothing quite felt like a fit.

I told this to a writer friend I had coffee with yesterday. She said it would probably be really limiting to just have a single niche. (Her body language visibly cowered when she said this.) Just like we don’t only walk around with one part of identity, we have many niches in us that our writing could fit into at any given time. Choosing to embrace all of them is a smart strategy for those building up an author platform.

Solopreneur Jess Lawlor agrees, declaring:

“I’m a multi-passionate person with many interests and I wanted my blog to reflect me as a person. I wanted to build a brand around my name and personality, not a specific interest or area of expertise.”

That resonated. Generally, I write about (and want to write about) what interests me at any given time. I too am passionate about a lot of things. “The genre of me” is my niche, really.

If authenticity and transparency are some of the keys to brand success (according to Simon Mainwaring, who also mentions self-definition and accountability), then, the genre of me > trying to fit my writing into a small box and attracting only readers who are interested in that small box. Doing this isn’t being unfocused in my content. It’s about having a different vision, and choosing to offer up my whole self in my work.

Making that choice is about as much “niche-carving” as I need to do. The rest is just writing.

Michael Hyatt said, “If you have a clear vision, you will eventually attract the right strategy. If you don’t have a clear vision, no strategy will save you.” I tend to agree.

So here’s to my, and your, giant, kaleidascopic, scrapbook-like disco of a vision, and trusting the “genre of you,” and the key part – just writing.

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